ZURU Bunch O Balloons™ Recycling Program - FAQ

Recycle your used Bunch O Balloons™ stems, balloon pieces and packaging through this program!

At this stage, there is no minimum shipment size for this program.

At this stage, this program is not part of our public drop-off network and map. However, you can still collect as part of a big group and promote your collection point to your community.

This program is not currently part of the TerraCycle points system.

Only Bunch O Balloons products may be recycled through this program.

To get a free shipping label, you must first have joined TerraCycle and signed up to the ZURU Bunch O Balloons Recycling Program. Log into your TerraCycle account at terracycle.com.au and click on 'Profile'.

Under 'ZURU Bunch O Balloons Recycling Program', click 'GET SHIPPING LABEL' and
follow the prompts to have one emailed to your inbox.