Chemists' Own® Blister Pack Free Recycling Program - Stores

Help Australians to recycle any brand of used blister packs

Discover Our Recycling Process

Once received, the blister packs are separated into aluminium and plastics, and cleaned. Metals and aluminium are shredded and smelted into metal sheeting, ingots, or bar stock. Plastics are size-reduced (made smaller by being shredded or ground), then melted and reformatted into pellets, flakes, or a powder format.

Learn More About Chemists' Own®

In 1995, the Chemists’ Own brand was born and developed exclusively for pharmacy to offer quality over-the-counter medications at value for money, without compromising quality for Australian consumers. Over twenty five years on with more than 130 products in the range, covering 11 categories including coughs and colds, pain, allergies, sun care, anti-bacterial, ear health, eye care, antifungal, antiviral, skincare and digestive health, there is a Chemists’ Own product to suit your needs. Head to the Chemists' Own website to find out more.