Colgate Community Garden Challenge - FAQ

Recycle for your chance to win a community garden set for your school and cool upcycled products!

The Program is open to public and private preschools, primary, intermediate, special and secondary schools in Australia. To be eligible for the contest, please make sure to set your ‘Organisation Type” to “Preschool”, “Primary School” or “High School” in your TerraCycle account. To check if your school is eligible, please read the Terms & Conditions. 

If you already have a TerraCycle account* and would like to make sure you've signed up to the 2019 Colgate Community Garden Challenge please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your TerraCycle account
  2. Click on 'Profile' in the top right corner of the page 
  3. Head to 'Personal Info' on your profile and click 'Edit your profile
  4. Scroll down on the form to 'Organisation type" and ensure that you have listed your Organisation Type as either 'Pre-school' or 'Primary School' or 'High-School' in your TerraCycle account.  
  5. Now that you have updated your profile, make sure you save your update by clicking the 'save' button at the bottom of your profile page. 
  6. Head back to the Colgate Community Garden Challenge page to now join the program and click 'Join Program' at the top of the page

You need to have joined the Colgate Community Garden Challenge and have listed your organisation type as 'Pre-school' or 'Primary School' or 'High-School' to be part of the competition. 

When you are ready to send in a shipment, click "REQUEST A POSTAGE LABEL” via the Colgate Community Garden Challenge page. Select the "Send Me a Postage Label" under 'Colgate Community Garden Challenge' and TerraCycle will email an Australian Post pre-paid return label to you. Print the pre-paid label and affix it to your reused box or bag and bring it to a local Australia Post Office.

For schools with multiple TerraCycle accounts, you must use the same account each time you send in a shipment of used oral care products. This way, all your entries will appear in a single account. 

No. You may send in any size shipment (up to 20 kilos) to earn Garden Points. However, you must send in at least 5  kilogram of oral care waste to earn the TerraCycle points donation. Units per shipment are calculated based upon weight. Oral Care waste will be counted based upon an average weight of 0.00907185 kgs per piece of waste.

Yes, for each shipment over five kilograms, your location will earn 2 points or $.02 per unit for the school or charity of your choice.

Nope! You will be able to request pre-paid Australia Post shipping labels from our website through your online account. This will bring your oral care collections back to our factory to be recycled into other TerraCycle products! You win, we win, and the environment wins!

The best way for your school to earn the most Garden Credits is to establish one Colgate Community Garden Challenge account for your school. If there are multiple accounts for the one school, your community won't know which to vote for!

Additionally, the Garden Credits you earn for recycled oral care waste will be spread across multiple accounts. TerraCycle cannot guarantee that Garden Credits earned for the one school across multiple account will be merged.

To ensure your school and community is competing under the same account, we recommend establishing one single Colgate Community Garden Challenge account with the email of a teacher or P&C member who will be driving your school's participation. Please note, all free shipping labels must be downloaded on this account to earn Garden Credits.

TerraCycle® Brigade programs are open to everybody in Australia, no matter where you are.

We accept any brand of used toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, plastic toothbrush packaging, interdental brushes, wisps, pumps, stand up toothpaste bottles and any kind of non-electric toothbrush or toothpaste tube and all affiliated non-recyclable packaging. Please use the full product before sending it in.

Please log into your account on the TerraCycle website. Select the “Free Recycling Program” tab and then the option “Remove this Program” located under the Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Oral Care Recycling Program. 

If for any reason you need to change or update your information, please select the PROFILE tab (located on your account) and then simply click "Edit My Profile". If you still need assistance or have questions please contact Customer Support at 1-800-983-324 or email