The Rip Curl Wetsuit Recycling Program

Recycle your used surf wetsuits through this program.

Give your surf wetsuits a second life with Rip Curl.

TerraCycle and Rip Curl have partnered to create a free recycling program for your used surf wetsuits.

Find your closest participating store and drop-off your wetsuits to be recycled.

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How it works

Collect up your used surf wetsuits and drop them off to any of the following Rip Curl stores to be recycled. They will then be sent to TerraCycle to be given a second life!

What you can recycle in this program

Not Accepted: booties, gloves, helmets, diving suits.

Best practices for recycling

Please rinse your surf wetsuits and ensure they are completely dry before dropping them off in-store to be recycled.

What happens to the waste

Once dropped off, your wetsuits will be sent to TerraCycle to be given a second life! They will be collected at the TerraCycle warehouse, then sent for processing where they will be crumbed into new raw material. This material can then be used for the creation of things like soft fall matting for playgrounds.

From the beginning, the Value of Community and Environment was instilled into Rip Curl and its crew as one of their pillars. As a part of this, Rip Curl are actively contributing to the local communities in which they have major offices and stores, especially with respect to maintaining the local environment. Since the beginning Rip Curl has actively contributed to the local communities where it has a presence through the employment opportunities made available and through supporting relevant community groups and issues, particularly maintenance of the coastal environment. Act locally, think globally.

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