Woolworths Ooshies™ Recycling Program

TerraCycle and Woolworths have partnered to offer the Disney+ Ooshies Recycling Program

Give your Disney+ Ooshies™ a second life

Disney+ Ooshies are built to be durable. They're for playing, displaying and enjoying. TerraCycle, in partnership with Woolworths, is pleased to be able to offer a recycling solution for any pre-loved or unwanted Disney+ Ooshies. 

If for any reason, you no longer want to keep your Disney+ Ooshie you can recycle it with ease. It’s as simple as dropping it into a Disney+ Ooshies TerraCycle bin at any Woolworths store, then they will be sent to TerraCycle to be recycled, and given a second life. 

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How it works

You can simply drop your Ooshie in the Disney+ Ooshie TerraCycle bin at your local Woolworths store, and Woolworths will send it to TerraCycle to recycle on your behalf.

To find your closest Woolworths store and trading hours, please click here. 

Please return any unwanted Disney+ Ooshies to your local Woolworths store by 31 January 2021.

What you can recycle in this program

Disney+ Ooshie wrappers can also be recycled. Place them in your kerbside recycling bin or in the wrapper bin at your local Woolworths. 

What happens to the waste

Once collected, the Disney+ Ooshies are shredded, cleaned and melted into plastic pellets. These pellets go on to help to make new recycled products such as garden beds, decks, fences and benches. 

Click here for more information on the recycling process. 



Woolworths remains committed to creating a greener future, and they are getting there by reducing food waste, reducing plastic, sustainable sourcing and increasing their energy efficiency.

You can learn more at woolworths.com.au/greener

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