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We work with people around the world to make our programs and services easy and worthwhile. 


Because we have an extensive array of programs, we want to make reaching us as effortless as possible. Our Customer Support representatives are not outsourced and are based out of the TerraCycle Office in Sydney. If you'd like to speak to someone at TerraCycle please contact us via:

Toll free 1 800 983 324 or

Consumer Product Goods Partnerships

If you are interested in creating a collection and recycling program for your non-recyclable product or packaging, TerraCycle has a wide variety of platform options. Typically, TerraCycle collects post-consumer waste from your key target consumers, solves for the waste, and then works with your brand to drive equity and value. By customizing the levels of promotional or operational support, we can tailor a program to your brand’s needs.

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Zero Waste Box customers

TerraCycle offers a variety of programs through which you may recycle nearly every type of waste. General Phone: 1 800 983 324

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Material Sales

If you have waste materials you are interested in recycling, or you are interested in using our recycled materials in your manufacturing processes, please contact our Materials Team.

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Strategic Partnerships

If your organization is looking to establish a recycling program on a larger scale, such as cityor stadiumwide venues, please contact our Strategic Partnerships Coordinator.

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Media Room

View our digital press kit for instant uptodate information on TerraCycle and our programs. If you need additional information, please reach out to our PR Team.

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Investor Relations

If you’re interested in working with TerraCycle and supporting our initiative, please contact our Executive Team directly through the email below.

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