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To make these (or other) organisations the beneficary of your TerraCycle points, visit the "New Charity" page and search for the organisation of your choice or enter its information manually. 

Keep Australia Beautiful

Working towards a "litter free and sustainable Australia," Keep Australia Beautiful shares TerraCycle's commitment to recycling and environmental stewardship. As Australia's "independent litter prevention thought and practice leader," Keep Australia Beautiful has been engaging Australians to care for their local and national environments since 1968. 


DONATE to Keep Australia Beautiful

Sea Shepherd Australia

Another organisation that shares TerraCycle's vision of enviornmental conservation, Sea Shepherd Australia's mission is to "end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species." By using innovative direct-action tactics, Sea Shepherd Australia are striving to protect the world's oceans.  


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RSPCA Australia

Passionate about caring for animals, RSPCA Australia strives "to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection." Dating back to 1871, the organisation has a strong history of improving the wellbeing of animals in Australia at the state and national level. 


DONATE to RSPCA Australia


For forty years, WWF-Australia has been at the front and centre of conservation, funded almost entirely by their supporters. Your donation will help create a world where our most precious species and places are protected – now and into the future.




Founded in 2016, Bangalow Koalas is a community group devoted to protecting the village’s unique koala population, thought to carry a gene pool that may help facilitate the species’ future survival. With over 100 members, their long-term goal is to create a Koala Wildlife Corridor to encourage koalas out of urban areas and away from threats.


Donate to Bangalow Koalas