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The Whole Kids Snack Sprint

TerraCycle and Whole Kids are delighted to announce the Whole Kids Snack Sprint!

Do you want to help your community recycle their Whole Kids pouches and snack Wrappers, while boosting your potential to raise money for your chosen not-for-profit?

Register your community organisation school or pre school to become a public drop-off location! You’ll be listed on a map and will be raising money for each piece of waste dropped at your location. Public drop-off locations are a great way to provide greater access to recycling to your community whilst raising money for a good cause!

The first 10 registrations from 3 July 2017 onwards will each receive a $25 Whole Kids Shopping Voucher, so make sure you sprint for a chance to win!


To enter the Whole Kids Snack Sprint, you need to ensure you that

  1. You have a TerraCycle account
  2. You have joined the Kids Pouch & Snack Recycling Program
  3. You register your location to become a public drop-off location for the Kids Pouch and Snack Recycling Program from 3 July 2017 onwards. To register as public drop-off point, please click here to complete the Drop-off Application Form.

Applications with invalid information or applications for existing public drop-off locations will not be considered.

Please read the Terms & Conditions of the promotion for more information.


The first 10 locations to register as public drop-off location during the promotion period will win a $25 Whole Kids Shopping Vouchers, to be used to purchase Whole Kids products from any store.