Municipal programs

Many municipalities work with TerraCycle to provide a public program for recycling cigarette butts and other difficult-to-recycle waste streams. TerraCycle can work with your municipality, organization or business to help your community start a recycling program.

Explore a variety of options.

To get your city involved, start by contacting our Strategic Partnerships Department.

TerraCycle can work with you, your city government, individual organizations, and businesses to set up public recycling programs for specific waste streams to help your city in Eliminating the Idea of Waste®.

Although cigarette waste is the most common waste stream cities are recycling with us, we also offer a variety of other programs that we can work with you to recycle.

Through a custom-built program, you and your community can work together to create a network of collection locations to reduce waste as well as fundraise for local schools and charities. TerraCycle can help you set up collections in public locations to begin recycling waste from the residents in your city. Some examples are:

  • Collaborate with your school district to set up programs in every school
  • Establish drop-off locations at your local business locations to collect acceptable waste from your customers
  • Install public collection receptacles throughout your city in partnership with city government and government partnerships (works very well with cigarette recycling)
  • Work with local nonprofits to fit TerraCycle’s recycling programs into current operations and raise money for your organization

We will help determine how to establish a customized program for you and your city or organization. Many of our programs also offer a fundraising incentive for non-profits and schools, which becomes a great way to get the community involved in recycling.

Upon contacting the TerraCycle Strategic Partnerships Department, our initial assessment will help determine:

  • Which waste stream(s) we can solve for (we can work with you to recycle almost any waste stream)
  • How to collect the waste
  • Who will be collecting and sending the waste to TerraCycle
  • Which school(s) or organization(s) for which you will be raising funds (if applicable)
  • Which PR and marketing opportunities are provided to help promote your program

Is your city participating?

Visit or contact your local school district, community organization, or public institution to determine if they are already recycling difficult-to-recycle waste streams through TerraCycle. Or just look for TerraCycle recycling boxes or Zero Waste Boxes at these locations. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these programs.