Recycling Resolutions

Fit recycling into your New Year's resolutions!

Are you resolving to make a change in your life this New Year? While most New Year's resolutions generally fall into the category of staying fit or improving physical health, we want you to resolve to recycle more. This January, earn 100 bonus points for every shipment received through participating programs. 

How it works

From January 1st through the 31st, earn 100 bonus points when we receive your shipment through any of the programs below. Note that your shipment may be any size to earn bonus points, but we ask that you completely fill your shipping container with qualifying waste in order to be as efficient as possible.

Click here for official rules.


Each shipment from a qualifying program received during the promotional period will earn you 100 bonus TerraCycle points. Please see above or refer to the official rules to learn the qualifying programs.

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