Zero Waste Box™ programme

A Zero Waste Box is our opportunity to recycle almost everything.

What is “zero waste”?

Many of us recycle what we can. But what about everything else that can't go into our existing recycling systems? The Zero Waste Box programme helps you recycle what's left, giving you the opportunity to go zero waste, sending nothing to landfill or incineration.

What is a Zero Waste Box?

TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box™ solution allows you to recycle almost any type of waste, such as coffee capsules from your morning coffee or complex laboratory waste from your business. Simply choose the waste stream you’d like to recycle, purchase the right-sized box, collect your waste, and organise a collection with UPS to send it back to TerraCycle to be repurposed (shipping is included).

Where can I purchase a Zero Waste Box?

You may purchase a Zero Waste Box directly through the Zero Waste Box website or from one of our retail partners. Visit each Zero Waste Box page to learn about purchasing opportunities.

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Permanent collection units

Permanent collection units are not yet available in the UK.

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