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The Burt’s Bees® Towelettes Recycling Programme

Recycle your Burt’s Bees® Towelettes through this programme

Participating locations

How to participate

This programme is closing on 10th June 2020. For more information, please read the ‘Important’ section below.

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This programme will be closing on 10th June 2020. Please be sure to request your label(s) and send your last parcels before 5th June 2020. Thank you again for your participation and please take a look at our other free recycling programmes so you can keep recycling with us.

Drop-off locations

Click on the map for drop-off locations
Find nearest public location

This map is constantly being updated

Check out all participating public drop-off locations on the interactive map above.

How it works

There are 3 different ways to participate in this programme:

1) Drop off your Burt’s Bees® towelettes at your nearest public drop-off location

Find your nearest public drop-off location on the interactive map above and drop off your packaging.

To learn more about public drop-off locations, please click here.

2) Set up a public drop-off location

If there are no public drop-off locations near you, you can set up your own. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Create a TerraCycle® account
  2. Find a public place to host your collection (with the prior consent of the person in charge of the place)
  3. Join the programme by clicking on "join programme for free" at the top of this page
  4. Fill out this form to finalise your request

To learn more about what public drop-off locations are and what it involves to set up one, please click here.

3) Become a private collector

If there are no public drop-off locations near you and you are not able to set one up yourself, you can become a private collector. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Create a TerraCycle® account
  2. Join the programme by clicking on "join programme for free" at the top of this page

Once you are a member of the programme (by setting up a public drop-off location or becoming a private collector) and when you are ready to send a shipment, please follow these steps:

  1. Download a free UPS label from your account
  2. Print your label out
  3. Attach your label to your parcel
  4. Simply book a free pick-up via UPS by calling 03457 877 877 or book online via this link. Alternatively, you can also drop off your parcel at your closest UPS drop-off point, which you can find here

What you can recycle in this programme

Please check out our Accepted Waste Poster below for more details.

What happens to this waste

Once collected, the Burt’s Bees® Towelettes are cleaned, shredded, and made into new recycled products. Click here to learn more about the recycling process.


This programme offers 100 TerraCycle® points for each kilogram of Burt’s Bees® towelettes sent. However, the points will only be awarded if the parcel reaches the minimum weight of 500 grams.

For example:

200 grams = 0 TerraCycle® points
500 grams
= 50 TerraCycle® points
1 kilogram
= 100 TerraCycle® points

Please note that TerraCycle® points are credited to the accounts of public drop-off location administrators and private collectors as a reward for their collection efforts. The number of points given is determined by the weight of the parcel. 1 TerraCycle® point is worth 1 penny.

Once credited, the points can be redeemed into financial donations to the charity or school chosen by the owner of the points. The points must be redeemed on the TerraCycle® website.


Learn more about BURT’S BEES®

We believe in taking care of the world around us so want to close the loop on our packaging and with your help, ensure it doesn’t end up in landfills or oceans. That’s why we’ve partnered with award-winning company TerraCycle® to provide a free and simple solution to ensure recycling Burt’s Bees products is easy.

Find out more about Burt’s Bees® 

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