The Clarins Recycling Programme

Recycle your beauty packaging at participating Clarins counters

Participating locations

Recycling in partnership with Clarins

TerraCycle and Clarins have partnered to create a free recycling programme for your beauty, skincare and bodycare packaging.

To learn more, please take a look at the "How It Works" section below.

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Find a drop-off location near you

Use the interactive map below to find your nearest public drop-off location.

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How it works

Drop off your beauty, skincare and bodycare packaging

Participating is completely free and very easy. Find your closest participating Clarins counter on the map above and bring in your beauty, skincare and bodycare packaging to be recycled.

Have a question? Visit the TerraCycle Help Centre for more information and answers to our frequently asked questions.

What you can recycle in this programme

All brands of beauty, skincare and body care packaging can be recycled as a part of the programme.

Please note, aerosols, perfume packaging, nail polish bottles, wood, and bamboo packaging are not accepted as a part of the programme.

Please check out our Accepted Waste Poster for more details.

What happens to this waste

Once collected, your beauty and skincare packaging are sorted and separated by material composition. The separated items are then cleaned, shredded, and made into new recycled products.

Click here to learn more about the recycling process.


Counters participating in the programme will earn TerraCycle points in return for the parcels of beauty, skincare and bodycare packaging they send to TerraCycle. The points will be redeemed as financial donations to the charity chosen by Clarins, which is the Greenfingers charity that supports life-limited children and their families who spend time in hospices around the UK. The more packaging recycled, the larger the donation will be!


A Word From Clarins

In 1954, Jacques Courtin-Clarins founded Clarins with two principles in mind: listening to women’s needs, and a love of nature. These are the same principles that guide us today. They have been passed down from generation to generation, making Clarins an environmentally friendly company, committed and driven by a long-term vision to do more, do better, and enjoy doing so.

Customers can find out more about the brand and our commitments here: Responsible Beauty - Clarins.

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