#KeepOnRecycling Global Contest

A lot of our lives have been put on hold, but your recycling action doesn't have to

How to participate

Win big donations for the charities of your choice and prevent waste from going to landfill while staying safe at home. Simply show the TerraCycle® Community from 16 countries* around the world how you collect your TerraCycle® waste for recycling efficiently at home!

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How it works

Enter before 27th August 2020 by sharing what you do or your best advice by posting a message, photo or video with the hashtag #KeepOnRecycling and tag @TerraCycleUK then everyone can see it! The publication must include TerraCycle® waste accepted in the free recycling programmes and you can enter with as many publications as you want to!


You can win prizes in 2 ways. 

  1. If your publication reaches 250 likes and is in the top 100 most-liked entries globally, you could win between £80 and £1,600 worth of TerraCycle® points, which is approximately £10,600 distributed globally! 250 likes may seem like a lot but you will have 5 months to hit this goal!
  2. Every week 3 people with the best and most creative publications will win £80 worth of TerraCycle® points (announced every Monday)! On top of that, these winners are automatically put forward to win the final prize in this category, £800 worth of TerraCycle® points!

We hope this contest will keep everyone in good spirits and be a brilliant opportunity for everyone to learn some awesome collection tips and tricks to try out at home! Read the full Terms and Conditions here

* USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, China.