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Tassimo® & L'OR® Recycling Programme - FAQ

Recycling your waste with Tassimo® and L'OR®

Participating locations
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The FAQs listed below are relevant to anyone wanting to recycle their Tassimo waste. 

Unfortunately this programme is currently full. The Tassimo® Recycling Programme operates through over 180 public drop-off locations across the UK. To find your nearest public location, please use the map / post code search facility on the programme page, then simply drop your Tassimo® waste to the address between the opening hours listed. The administrator will bulk the collected T-Discs and Kenco waste and ship them to TerraCycle to be recycled.

This programme accepts Tassimo T-Discs, Tassimo foil outer wrappers, L'OR capsules, Kenco Eco Refills packs and Kenco plastic coffee jar lids. 

You do not need to wash out the T-DISCs, L'OR capsules or the Kenco waste to send them for recycling. During the processing the coffee grounds etc will be separated and composted at our end.

Every item of waste received by TerraCycle through our Free Recycling Programmes will be recycled into new products.

When we receive your Tassimo, L'OR and Kenco waste we store them at our UK warehouse until we’ve collected a large enough quantity to process the plastic by cleaning and shredding it into small pieces which can be recycled into new products like park benches.

The FAQs below are relevant for current drop-off point administrators of the Tassimo Recycling Programme only. 

There is a maximum weight of 70kg allowed per label. However we recommend to split the shipment in 2 smaller parcels (35kg each) rather than sending in one big parcel in order to avoid issues with courier service. 

If the drop-off point administrator chooses to deliver their box to a UPS office the package cannot exceed 20 kg.

We recommend using any old cardboard box – which can be obtained from a local supermarket or home deliveries. The drop-off point administrator can download pre-paid UPS label by following the instructions below:

  1. Sign into your account using your registered user name and password
  2. Click on "MY ACCOUNT" at the top right hand side of the homepage
  3. Click on "SEND US YOUR WASTE"
  4. Underneath the "Tassimo® and L'OR® Recycling Programme" select "GET SHIPPING LABEL"
  5. Select “print” in your file menu and print directly to your printer
  6. Attach the label to your box and order a pick up by calling UPS on 03457 877 877.

Please note, if your waste is wet/dirty we recommend that you put it inside a bag and tie it shut before putting them in the box to prevent any damage to the box due to leakages.

TerraCycle collects thousands of units of waste a day – in order to keep track of the waste we count all the shipments received using an average weight. We establish an average weight for each waste stream (T-DISCs, coffee wrappers etc.) collected through a programme and weigh packages when we receive them at our warehouse. The drop-off point administrators account will be credited based on the weight of the package sent in, not individually counted units.

The average unit weight for the Tassimo ® & L'OR® Recycling Programme. For each 15.2g of weight over 30kg, the drop-off point administrator will earn 1 TerraCycle point.

Each TerraCycle point can be redeemed for a payment of £0.01 to the UK based charity or school of their choice.

The drop-off point administrator can send Tassimo T-DISCs and L'OR capsules back using any box. The drop-off point administrator will simply place the Tassimo T-DISCs and L'OR capsules in an old cardboard box, seal the box, tape a pre-paid label to the package and arrange a pick up with UPS by calling 03457 877 877 (effective 1st of January 2015). The maximum box dimensions are:

Up to 419 cm in length and girth combined and up to 270 cm in length

The drop-off point administrator can also drop off at the nearest UPS office if your package does not exceed 20 kg. Find your nearest UPS location on their website.

All postage costs are paid by TerraCycle. 

TerraCycle require that each shipment weighs a minimum of 30 kg (effective November 1st 2016) in order to be credited 1 TerraCycle point for the weight of each T-DISC/outer foil packaging unit received. We do accept packages that don’t reach the minimum weight of 30 kg, but these shipments will not be credited TerraCycle points. Our goal with these measures is to make you send in larger boxes, which mean fewer shipments and accordingly less transport and a smaller environmental footprint.

The drop-off point administrator can redeem TerraCycle points at any time towards a variety of charitable gifts or a cash donation (cheque) to any UK based non-profit or charitable organisation, including schools.

Please keep in mind that there is a minimum of 1,000 points or £10 needed for a cash donation. Cash donations are mailed directly to the charity, twice a year in June and December. All cash donations requested between 1st May and 31st October will be sent out in December. All cash donations requested between 1st November and 30th April will be sent out in June.

If for any reason the drop-off point administrator needs to change or update their information, please select the MY ACCOUNT tab and then click on MY PERSONAL INFO, and then EDIT YOUR PROFILE. If the drop-off point administrator still needs assistance or has questions please contact Customer Support at 0800 0470 984 or email our Customer Support Team and someone will be glad to assist you.

The drop-off point administrator must redeem TerraCycle points for a cash donation via their account in order for a cheque to be sent to the charity of your choice. Please note, there is a minimum of 1,000 points or £10 needed for each cash donation. Cash donations are mailed directly to the charity, twice a year in June and December. All cash donations requested between 1st May and 31st October will be sent out in December. All cash donations requested between 1st November and 30th April will be sent out in June.

Yes. The drop-off point administrator can select or change the charity through the TerraCycle website. The drop-off point administrator simply logs into their account at and clicks on PROFILE. Then the administator selects the “My Impact” tab and selects “add new charity” to fill out all necessary charity information. Please note: Whichever charity the drop-off point administrator has listed on their account on April 30th and October 31st will be the beneficiary of the funds earned on the account. The drop-off point administrator can also call 0800 0470 984 or email our Customer Support Team with the charity name, address, contact person and the registered charity number.

We are aiming to save as many Tassimo T-DISCs, Tassimo flow wrap packaging, L'OR capsulers, Kenco Eco Refill Packs and Kenco Plastic Coffee Jar Lid from landfill as possible - to do this, we encourage programme members to send in as many of these types of packaging as they can. If the drop-off point administrator does not send in a shipment within 6 months they will be removed from the programme.

To unsubscribe, the drop-off point administrator should log into their account on the TerraCycle website, select “PROFILE,” and then “COLLECTION PROGRAMMES“ and click the grey X to the right of the programme. 

IMPORTANT: we ask that the drop-off point administrator informs Customer Support that they wish to stop collecting so we can remove the drop-off location address from the map.