The Ueshima Coffee Company Free Recycling Programme

Recycle your Ueshima Coffee Company aluminium capsules, coffee pouches and sachets

Discover Our Recycling Process

Once collected, the Ueshima Coffee Company aluminium capsules are separated from the coffee pouches and sachets. The coffee pouches and sachets are shredded and melted into plastic pellets that can be remolded into new products. The coffee grounds are removed from the aluminium capsule and sent for composting. Lastly, the aluminium is sent for smelting to produce ingot aluminium sheets that can be used to produce new products like bicycle frames.

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Learn More About Ueshima Coffee Company

As Japan’s No.1 Coffee, Ueshima Coffee Company has a range of unique, sustainable and premium coffees that represent an authentic taste of Japan. We’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Our range is designed to help minimise waste and make our packaging easier to recycle. Our partnership with TerraCycle® allows our customers to recycle our aluminium capsules, coffee pouches and coffee bag sachets.

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