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Febreze Summer Shipment

Leave nothing but fresh air behind this summer 

The Febreze Summer Shipment has now ended.


Febreze and TerraCycle were excited to launch the summer’s most exciting challenge: the Febreze Summer Shipment. During the summer, every shipment of air and home care waste was rewarded with double points during the contest period.


In order to participate in the Febreze Summer Shipment our collectors simply had to send in a shipment on the Air and Home Care Programme between 1st July and 31st August 2017


Pieces of air and home care waste were rewarded with double points during the contest period, meaning that each piece was rewarded with 4 points (£0.04) instead of the usual 2 points (£0.0.2). 

In addition, we will soon announce 2 lucky sweepstake winners which will receive a goodie bag with Febreze products. 


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