COVID-19: TerraCycle® UK Response

Important information for TerraCycle® collectors

Last updated: 18th January 2021

Information for public drop-off location administrators and private collectors sending waste to TerraCycle® 

As of today, UPS is transporting your parcels as normal and we continue to receive and check them in at our warehouse. However, in order to respect the government guidelines, please follow the current measures in your area or region, especially when it comes to going out and dropping off your parcel of waste at a local UPS drop-off point.

As a reminder, if the measures in your local area or region make it difficult for you to go to a UPS drop-off point or if you wish to avoid going out as much as possible, you also have the option to schedule a parcel collection with UPS from your home.

Additional information for the public drop-off location administrators only:

If like many others, your public drop-off location is currently open, we recommend that you simply take additional health precautions:

  • Use protective equipment such as gloves when handling any waste and avoid touching your face.
  • Once you’ve emptied your collection box, if possible leave the waste aside for 72 hours before you sort / package it up to be shipped.
  • Always wash your hands for 20 seconds after handling waste.

If however, you wish to temporarily suspend collection at your public drop-off location, please let your community know and email TerraCycle® at We can temporarily remove your location from the relevant map(s) and we can then reinstate it when you make the request.

Information for visitors to public drop-off locations

Most public drop-off locations remain open but we ask you to plan a visit only if it does not go against the measures put in place by the government. Please check the interactive map on the relevant programme page(s) to see which locations are open. If you can’t find one nearby or if the current measures prevent you from visiting, please hang on to your waste at home until new public drop-off locations (re)open or the restrictions are lifted.  

If it is possible for you to visit a public drop-off location nearby, please get in contact with the administrator for this location, where possible, before going there to confirm they are still accepting waste currently. 

Please be assured the majority of active public drop-off locations are taking safety precautions to protect themselves and their community. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Phone: 01465 915018 (from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays).


Thank you for your cooperation. The TerraCycle® team sends you, your family and community the best in this new year and look forward to receiving your waste for recycling.