The Green School Project FAQs

How do I sign up for my school?

Create a TerraCycle account here and fill out all required fields with the school’s information. Please sign up as one of the following organisation types: Nursery, Primary School or Secondary School .

How do I get TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points?

For each valid shipment you send in through our free recycling programmes, you will earn TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points. These points can be redeemed as a donation to your school. Join as many free recycling programmes as you’d like to earn more points!

What does valid shipment mean?

To receive reward points, you must meet the minimum shipment requirements for the programme. Each free recycling programme has different requirements, which can be found under “Earn Recycling Rewards” on the programme’s web page. For example, some programmes may require at least 1 kg of rubbish to reward you with 100 points.

You can only ship in waste from the accepted waste stream for each programme.

Can I ship all of my rubbish together?

No, please send separate shipments using labels that are programme-specific. This is required to ensure that waste streams are not contaminated in the sorting process, and your shipments are tracked correctly.

How do I know if I'm ready to ship in a box?

We recommend waiting to ship until you can fill a box with the accepted waste stream, as heavier, less frequent shipments help minimise our carbon footprint. 

Please note that some programmes have a minimum shipment weight meaning that all shipments for that program must weigh a certain amount in order to earn TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points! We’ve created this system to reinforce our commitment to the planet and reward you for protecting it for future generations.

Why are the free recycling programmes so specific?

Our free recycling programmes are funded by brands and retailers. They specify which type of waste is accepted by their programmes, meaning that some programmes only accept one brand’s waste while others accept all brands.

Can I get points if I use a Zero Waste Box™ to collect rubbish?

No, points are only awarded through our free recycling programmes.

How much money can I get for my TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points?

Points can be redeemed for a donation of £0.01 per point. Please note that you must redeem a minimum of 2,000 TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points (or £20).

How do I set my school up to receive donations?

After you create an account for your school, check for your school in our charity database; if you're new to fundraising with TerraCycle, add your school here. If your request is approved, your school’s information will be in the system when you’re ready to redeem your points.

How do I redeem my TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points?

Search for your school in our database, select your school, and click “Redeem” to donate your reward points.

When will my school receive the donation?

We have two payment periods per year. If you redeem by the end of April, your school will be paid via check in June. If you redeem by the end of October, your school will be paid in January.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn! You can join as many programmes and recycle as much hard-to-recycle rubbish as you want, all for free. We do ask that you adhere to the guidelines of each programme and ship compliantly to ensure that we can keep providing our solutions to as many people and schools as possible. 

I’m a parenthow can I donate my TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points to our school?

Search for your school in our database, select your school, and click “Redeem” to donate your reward points.

How can I promote this as a way to raise funds for my school?

Check out all of our free resources for getting parents, staff, and students involved! To request support for sharing your story with the media, please fill out this form.

Can I set up multiple drop-off points at my school?

Yes, you can set up multiple drop-off points at the same school (e.g. reception, break rooms, classrooms) under the same account. 

Can I be a private collector for public drop-off point-only programmes?

If you are a school and the programme you would like to sign up for only has the option to sign up as a public drop-off point and you’d like to be a private collector (your school location won’t appear on our map), please contact our customer support team and we will be happy to help.