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Recycling in partnership with Pringles®

TerraCycle® and Pringles® have partnered to create a free recycling programme for all Pringles® cans. The programme also offers participants the opportunity to fundraise for charitable causes.

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Drop-off locations

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This map is constantly being updated

View all participating public drop-off locations on the interactive map above.

A public drop-off location is a communal collection point where the public can take their TerraCycle® waste for recycling. Each public drop-off location is listed on the interactive map above. When you drop off your waste at a public drop-off location, the TerraCycle® points earned for the waste are transferred to the account of the public drop-off location administrator in question, who can then donate the points to the charity of their choice.

Before you go to a public drop-off location with your waste, we advise you check the details (full address, opening hours and location of collection box at the site) and when a telephone number is listed it’s worth calling just to ensure the collection point is still active.

This map is updated when new public drop-off locations are added or removed, so we recommend you consult it in advance of each time you plan to drop off your waste.

If you are interested in setting up a public drop-off location for your community, please fill out this form.
You don't have to become a public drop-off location to send us your waste. You can become a private collector simply by joining The Pringles® Can Recycling Programme​.

How it works

This recycling programme is open to all individuals, schools, organisations (charities, town halls, local authorities) and companies based in Ireland. There are 3 ways to participate:

1. Search on the interactive map above to see if you have a public drop-off location close by. If there is one, then simply take your accepted waste to the public drop-off location and drop them off during the designated hours.

2. If there isn’t a public drop-off location in place already in your community then you could set up your own public drop-off location. To do so, please join the programme by clicking on "Join programme for free" and then fill in this form to complete the process.  

3. If there isn’t one already in place where you live, or you aren’t able to set up your own, then you have the option to sign up as a private collector by clicking on "Join programme for free" on this page. 

If you do not have a TerraCycle® account yet, there are two steps you will need to complete in order to register for The Pringles® Can Recycling Programme. You must create an account on our website by filling out the form you will find here and then click "Join programme for free" on The Pringles® Can Recycling Programme page.

If you have not received a confirmation email from the email address "[email protected]" and if it is not in your junk or spam folder, please contact [email protected] with the subject line: "no confirmation email". Please do not register a second time by creating a second TerraCycle® account.

Please note we need 72 hours to verify the information you have given to join the programme. Following this, you will be accepted on the recycling programme or you will be placed on the waiting list. You will then receive an email from us when you've joined this programme.

What you can recycle in this programme

Please check out our Accepted Waste Poster below for more details.

What happens to this waste

The Pringles® cans are crushed and separated by their different components, as the components are recycled separately. The plastic lids are pelletized and the steel base is smelted. The cardboard, plastic and aluminium layer parts are separated through pulping so that the cardboard fibres can then be used for a new pulp. The remaining plastic and aluminium is pelletized. All materials can then be used in new products or applications. Click here to learn more about the recycling process.


Earn points for the waste you recycle

TerraCycle® points are credited to the account of the collector as a reward for their collection efforts. The number of points given is determined by the total weight of the shipment. 1 TerraCycle® point is worth 1 cent.

Once credited, the points can be redeemed into financial donations to the charity or school chosen by the owner of the points. The points must be redeemed on the TerraCycle® website.

Here is the reward this programme offers:

For example:

100 grams of packaging = 0 TerraCycle® points

1 kilogram of packaging = 100 TerraCycle® points

1.5 kilograms of packaging = 150 TerraCycle® points

Please be aware, the weight of the cardboard box is not taken into account. TerraCycle® recommends members send more than the minimum weight to ensure points are awarded.



Pringles® is excited to partner with TerraCycle® to launch a national recycling solution for Pringles® cans. To learn more about Pringles®, click here.


* TerraCycle® will credit participants with TerraCycle® points based on weight of collected waste. These points can be redeemed for charitable donations. Payments to charities are made twice a year.
Ireland only. 18 +. Visit to register and for Full T&Cs. Internet access required. Valid until 29/04/2021. TerraCycle® Ireland

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