In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are continuing to closely follow the official advice given by the Irish Government and the World Health Organisation. Please find the latest information about the operation of our free recycling programmes below.

Collecting and sending waste

As of today, the post office is transporting your parcels as normal and we continue to receive and check them in at our warehouse. Therefore, if you have collected waste during lockdown please don’t hesitate to send it to us for recycling. 

As lockdown measures are gradually lifted, we do not anticipate any changes to transportation or warehouse operations but we will continue to monitor the situation and you will be informed of any changes.

Information for visitors to public drop-off locations

While you can still collect at home as normal, we encourage you to check if your local public drop-off location is showing on the map before your visit to double check they are open and accepting waste. Some public drop-off location administrators have temporarily closed their location and therefore it has been removed from our map. Please be assured the majority of active public drop-off locations are taking safety precautions to protect themselves and their community. When dropping off your waste, we kindly ask you to follow the government guidelines regarding social distancing.

Information for public drop-off location administrators

We understand some public drop-off location administrators continued to collect waste during lockdown and as the remaining locations are opening again, we recommend that you simply take additional precautions:

  • Use protective equipment such as gloves when handling any waste and avoid touching your face.
  • Once you’ve emptied your collection boxes, if possible leave the waste aside for 72 hours before you sort / package it up to be shipped.
  • Always wash your hands for 20 seconds after handling waste.

If however, you wish or have to suspend collection at your public drop-off location, please let your community know and email TerraCycle®. We can temporarily remove your location from the relevant map and we can then reinstate your location when you request to add it back.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch. To help combat the spread of the virus, the TerraCycle® Team is now working remotely but we will continue to support all collectors who send emails to [email protected]. We will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation. The TerraCycle® team wishes you, your family and community the best in this situation and look forward to receiving your waste for recycling.