Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle - FAQ

Recycle your facial skincare packaging through this programme

Accepted waste: Any brand of facial skincare packaging listed below:

  • Plastic bottles, tubes and pots.
  • Lids, droppers, pumps and pots
  • Glass bottles and jars (see conditions)

Conditionally accepted: Clear or coloured glass packaging (Check with your local council as it may be kerbside recyclable in your region. Otherwise, you may include it in your collections for this programme.) 

Not accepted:

  • Sachets, sheet masks.
  • Cardboard external packaging (place in kerbside recycling)
  • Makeup or other beauty products 

The Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle requires you to send a minimum of four products at a time for recycling, however the larger the shipments the more efficient the program. 

All beauty brands’ facial products will be accepted and you will receive a $15.00 Emma Lewisham voucher for your efforts when you ship your waste.

You do not need to wash your packaging, however we do ask that they be as empty as possible, i.e. excess product removed.

After you have joined a TerraCycle programme, you may print a free, pre-paid shipping label by logging into your account and clicking on "Profile" in the top right corner of the page.

Your profile page will list each of the programmes you've joined so far. Simply select "Get Shipping Label" next to the relevant programme, and follow the prompts to have a shipping label sent to your email address.

All postage costs are paid for by Emma Lewisham.

A redemption code will be included when you request a shipping label.

If for any reason you need to change or update your information, please visit www.terracycle.com.au. In your profile, select the 'PERSONAL INFO' tab and click "Edit Your Profile". If you still need assistance or have questions please contact Customer Support at 0800 474 016 or email customersupport@terracycle.co.nz