alt. and VAPO Recycling Programme - FAQ

Recycle your used vape products through this programme

In this programme we accept alt. or VAPO branded e-cigarettes, replacement pods and empty e-liquid bottles.

Please note that strict shipping requirements apply if sending back e-cigarettes for recycling. Refer to our shipping checklist in the Resources section for details.

Please note that we do not accept vaping products from other brands.

You can remove yourself from this programme at any time. To do so:

Log into your account on the TerraCycle website. In your profile, look under COLLECTION PROGRAMMES for a list of programmes you have joined. On the right hand side of your screen, you'll see a grey cross - click this to remove yourself from this programme.

If you cannot see an option to download a postage label:

  • Firstly, make sure you have joined the programme. It's possible you may have created a TerraCycle account but not signed up for the programme.
  • Make sure you are not on a waitlist - to help us manage the growth of the programme, we have a set number of collection spots available which have been funded by the brand. If all spots are filled, new collectors will be placed on a waitlist until more spots become available.You will not be able to send us your collections until you have been activated into the programme.

If you continue to have trouble requesting a label, contact us on [email protected]

When you are ready to send in a shipment, click "SEND ME A POSTAGE LABEL”. Select the "Send Me a Postage Label" option and TerraCycle will email an NZ Post pre-paid return label to you. Print the pre-paid label and affix it to your reused box or bag and bring it to a local NZ Post Office.

No, you don't need to pay for postage. All postage costs are paid for by alt. and VAPO, and the labels you download from your account will allow you to drop your parcel at the post office for free.

This programme is not part of the TerraCycle points system. However, for every kilogram of waste recycled through this programme, alt. and VAPO will donate $1 to Sustainable Coastlines.