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What is a Drop-off point? 

All of our sponsored programmes are free of charge and offer free postage labels to send in the designated waste the shipments can be posted at any New Zealand Post Office.

Drop-off points need an administrator. The administrator finds the locations, maintains the collection box/boxes, sends (shipping paid by TerraCycle) in the shipments to TerraCycle for recycling and decides on which non-profit organisation the funds that have been raised should be donated to. An administrator can sign up and maintain Drop-off points at a number of locations in the community. By going this it is possible to raise even more funds or a school or non-profit organisations. 

To become a drop off point for one or more of our programmes, please click here to submit an application and we'll add you to our map. 

If you would like any further information, please contact us at [email protected] 


What makes a good Drop-off point? 

A good Drop-off location is a location that is easily accessible to the public and a place the public already interacts with. The location should offer good opening hour when the public can come and drop off their waste. If it is possible, putting the collecting outside can be a good option - you would need to provide your own outdoor weather resistance collection bin / box here. More than one location can be run by the same administrator and raise funds for the same charity. We do ask that you don't have them too close together though. Please check the public drop-off maps to see where your nearest one is - if your nearest one is a few kilometres away then make an application. 

You could house your collection point at the likes of a supermarket, independent retailer, community centre, library, school, church or even your own home. All Drop-off points will be shown on the programme map for which they are collecting so that the public can find the Drop-off point and drop off their waste. This map will be accessible to anyone who visits our webpage. 

To find a Drop-off point close to you, please find the map specific to your collected waste stream under the different programme pages and put your postcode in the search field. The map will show all Drop-off points in your area.

Fundraising opportunity 

For the waste sent in to TerraCycle, the administrator earns TerraCycle points where any minimum shipment size requirements are met. For the weight of each unit of waste, the administrator earns two TerraCycle points (each point is worth $0.01) which can then be redeemed on behalf of the school, charity or not-for-profit organisation of the administrator's choice. The money can also be split 50/50 between the administrator's chosen charity and that of the location's chosen charity. 

Thinking about becoming a Drop-off point? Find out more about what programme would suit your location at