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Cigarette recycling stations in downtown Oklahoma City keep thousands of smokes off streets

Some call it a filthy habit, and that’s hard to argue against when your vice burns to ashes and butts. Lung dart. Coffin nail. Cancer stick. Smokers are accustomed to such clucking. So what’s another dead cigarette on the street? … Continue Reading

The Oklahoman · Feb 14, 2017

Entenmann’s Recycling Program with Terracycle (Plus $25 giveaway)

There are so many causes in the world today that are pulling at our purse strings and our heartstrings. Two causes I can get behind are helping schools and conservationism. If you agree, then you will love what I am sharing … Continue Reading

Celebrating Family · Feb 14, 2017

Oklahoma City Reduces Cigarette Waste with Cigarette Recycling Stations

In August 2016, the Oklahoma City Office of Sustainability, OKC Beautiful and Downtown OKC, Inc. teamed up to install 23 aluminum, fire-resistant cigarette recycling stations in Downtown Oklahoma. And since then, more than 15,000 cigarette butts have been collected. The … Continue Reading

Environment Guru · Feb 14, 2017

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