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A Back to School Guide

Here is a segment on Back-to-School that has a nice shout-out for TerraCycle and the Capri Sun lunchbox. Click on the link next to Video and then forward ahead to 4:00.  The TerraCycle and Capri Sun mentions are between 4:00-4:40.

WTSP - CBS affiliate - Studio 10 program · Aug 4, 2010

Seton High School students recycle the unrecyclable

Elizabeth Seton High School students are recycling in a new way–recycling the unrecyclable. Due to the plastics and metals contained in CapriSun and Kool-Aid drink pouches, these products cannot be conventionally recycled. However, a New Jersey-based company, TerraCycle – with … Continue Reading

The Montgomery County Sentinel · Aug 4, 2010

A Coffee Conundrum

Other coffee companies are also wrestling with the waste issue. Businesses that use Flavia pods, which is made by Mars, are able to ship the used pods to the New Jersey company TerraCycle, which will compost the coffee or tea … Continue Reading

New York Times · Aug 4, 2010

Back to School Giveaway

Houston Moms Like Me · Aug 3, 2010

Mosaic Monday: Graffiti

...aka darzy... · Aug 2, 2010

Green Scene – August

Charlotte Parent online · Aug 1, 2010

Think Up-Cycle

Cincinnati Family · Aug 1, 2010

Save on Snack Foods

ABC 4 · Aug 1, 2010

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