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The Five Takeaways of Waste: Tom Szaky

The words “waste” and “garbage” have always had such negative connotations.  “You’re a waste of space.”  Schoolyard taunts about smelling like a garbage picker.  The phrase “garbage in, garbage out,” which refers to something made with low quality materials that … Continue Reading

The Five Takeaways · Mar 24, 2010

Merkury Innovations Speakers

Price: $14.99 These iPod speakers are made with wrappers from food conglomerate Mars that would have gone to waste. The speakers come in different designs, either M&M wrappers, Skittles or Starburst (pictured here). The speakers don’t require batteries or need … Continue Reading

CNBC · Mar 23, 2010

Getting Orchids to Rebloom

The Terracycle fertilizers caught my eye on Gardeners.com. They are packaged in recycled soda bottles, first of all. The fertilizers are made from worm poop. These worms are fed an all natural, organic diet. It doesn’t smell at all and … Continue Reading

La Jolla Mom · Mar 23, 2010

Turning trash into school cash

The Orange County Register News · Mar 22, 2010

Recycling effort a big hit

Phillyburbs.com · Mar 21, 2010

Garbage Gold

Magic Billings' City Magazine · Mar 18, 2010

Kashi Love & TerraCycle

WordPress · Mar 17, 2010

‘The children are so excited’

The Sand Mountain Reporter · Mar 16, 2010

Repurposing Used Markers

Trendhunter Eco · Mar 15, 2010