Taco Bell® Sauce Packet Recycling Program

Recycle Taco Bell® sauce packets through this program.

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Recycling in partnership with Taco Bell®

Did you know 8.2 BILLION Taco Bell® sauce packets get used each year in the U.S.? TerraCycle® and Taco Bell® have partnered to create a national recycling program for Taco Bell® Sauce Packets!

COMING SOON: Find a location near you!

TerraCycle's public drop-off locations are an easy and efficient way to collect with your community and build the national recycling network. This recycling program is still new, but as our network grows, check back here to find a map of local drop-off points!

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You have two options:

  • Become a Public Drop Off Point (your address will be added to the map).
  • Join as a Private Collector (if you don't want people coming to your location).

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Taco Bell® Sauce Packet Local Recycling Solutions

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