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Colgate® Wisp® Recycling Program - FAQ

Recycle Colgate® Wisp® mini-brushes and packaging through this program.

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We welcome anyone (18 years or older) from a school, household, or organization to join in on our recycling efforts! There are some practical considerations you should keep in mind. For example, our program is not designed to accommodate recycling centers. We are collecting only used Colgate® Wisp® mini-brushes in this program– regular toothbrushes should be sent in through Oral Care Recycling Program.

After you have joined a TerraCycle Recycling Program, you may print a free, pre-paid shipping label by going to Profile on the top right side of the website. Then click “Send Us Your Waste.” The list of free recycling programs that you are currently registered for will appear. Then select “Get Shipping Label” under the appropriate program.  Please note that you will need to be logged in to your TerraCycle account to print shipping labels.

Please check to see if your confirmation e-mail from [email protected] was sent to your spam or junk mail, BUT DO NOT SIGN UP AGAIN. Please email [email protected] with subject line: No Confirmation E-mail, along with your phone number. Someone will contact you and fix the situation.


Signing up for the Colgate® Wisp® Recycling Program is easy! You will need a contact person to oversee the program at your location. You will also need a valid e-mail address to receive a confirmation email and valid mailing address for the free shipping labels.

There is no limit to the amount of used Colgate® Wisp® mini-brush shipments you can send in. We ask that you fill a box with 16 Wisp® mini-brushes before shipping. 

Nope! You can pack the used Colgate® Wisp® mini-brushes into a Colgate® Wisp® 16 pack pouch or a shipping bag and print out pre-paid UPS return labels which will bring your collections back to our factory which will be recycled into TerraCycle materials! You win, we win, and the environment wins!

No. Each individual or organization, including schools, can only have one Colgate® Wisp® Recycling Program account. Any additional accounts will be suspended. If you have any questions please contact [email protected] for clarification.

Please log into your account on the TerraCycle website. Select "Profile" in the top right corner and then click the “Collection Programs" tab. To remove yourself from the program click the "X" to the far right next to the Colgate® Wisp® Recycling Program. You will then be asked to confirm your removal. 

If for any reason you need to change or update your information, please select the collect tab (located on your profile) and then simply click edit this team. If you still need assistance or have questions please contact Customer Support at 1-866–967–6766 or email [email protected] and someone will be glad to assist you.

There is no TerraCycle point incentive for this program; however, you may continue to participate and recycle your Colgate® Wisp® mini-brushes and Colgate® Wisp® mini-brush packaging completely for free. After all, the greatest reward is a clean planet!