Febreze Aerosol Recycling Program - FAQ

Recycle empty Febreze aerosol containers through this program.

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Empty Febreze aerosol containers

Yes, this national recycling program is brand-specific, which means you can only recycle the packaging of this particular brand.

No, your shipment can be any weight. However, you must ship at least 2 pounds of empty Febreze aerosols to earn the TerraCycle point donation. 

Remember, the shipment weight requirement is applicable only if you would like to earn TerraCycle points, but we encourage you to ship when your box is full to ensure efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of transportation for this program.

No, you do not need to clean the packaging before sending it to TerraCycle. However, please remove as much of the remaining product as possible before shipping. UPS will not accept dripping packages, so make sure your items are dry prior.

Each empty Febreze aerosol container your location sends through qualifying shipments in will earn you about 5 TerraCycle points and will be counted based on an average unit weight of 0.05 pounds each.