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LemonKind® Recycling Envelope Program - FAQ

Request a free recycling envelope for your empty LemonKind SuperDetoxMe™ pouches.

Please see the below image for examples of waste that are accepted through this recycling program. You may download this image as a useful poster by clicking here.

LemonKind Recycling Envelope Program accepted waste:

  • LemonKind natural juice pouches

Yes, you can only collect LemonKind natural juice pouches for this recycling program. Please refer to the accepted waste poster for the types of waste that are accepted.

The TerraCycle point incentive is not awarded for this program.

No, you do not need to clean the pouches before sending it in to TerraCycle. However, please remove as much of the remaining juice as possible before shipping. And please remember, UPS will not accept dripping packages, so make sure your waste is dry prior to shipping.

Simply fill out the form on the previous page (the LemonKind Recycling Envelope Program page) and a free shipping envelope will be sent to your address, complete with a prepaid envelope. Fill up the envelope with dry, empty LemonKind pouches and ship it back to TerraCycle through UPS.

We welcome anyone from almost any organization to join in our recycling efforts! There are some practical considerations to keep in mind, however. For example, our programs are not designed to accommodate recycling centers.

TerraCycle free recycling programs are open to all U.S. States EXCEPT for Alaska and Hawaii. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, your account will be automatically deactivated and your location will not be able to print or request labels. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have free recycling programs running in those states and territories in the future.

If you live in another country, please visit the TerraCycle World Map to see if you can recycle with TerraCycle in your country.

TerraCycle runs completely free recycling solutions that are made possible by our brand partners. For a complete list of our free recycling programs, click here. We also offer consumer-funded recycling programs through our Zero Waste Box platform. For a complete list of our Zero Waste Boxes, click here.

You can also recycle almost every type of waste through our Zero Waste Box Program. Click here to learn more.

TerraCycle products are made either by upcycling or recycling the collected waste.

Upcycling is defined as using or valuing every aspect of waste in order to give it a new useful life.

Recycling is defined as extracting materials from one product and using them to make an entirely new product.

For a more detailed description of each of these processes, please click here.