OREO Cookie Packaging Recycling Program

Recycle OREO Cookie packaging through this program

Recycling with OREO Cookies

OREO Cookies and the Albertsons Companies Foundation are working to renovate 13 basketball courts with new recycled courtside benches and new basketball hoops, and they need your help!
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How it works

  1. Ship your empty OREO Cookie packaging.

  2. The packaging you ship will be recycled and turned into the material that will be used for the new recycled courtside benches.

  3. OREO Cookies and the Albertsons Companies Foundation will donate basketball hoops along with recycled benches to 13 basketball courts across the U.S.

Start participating today! The program is FREE and EASY!

To get started, shop for your favorite OREO Cookies at a local Albertsons Companies store and use the link below to download your shipping label and start recycling!

What you can recycle

OREO Cookie packaging

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