Teva® Sandals Recycling Program

New Life for Old Soles: Recycle Teva® sandals through this program.

Recycling in partnership with Teva

TerraCycle® and Teva have partnered to create a national recycling program for Teva sandals to help protect our planet, one step at a time.


Introducing TevaForever

Your sandals have a soul of their own, shaped by every wild adventure you’ve weathered together. And when they’re well-worn and ready to retire, they’ve never had a great place to go—until now.

Send us your sun-faded footwear and their recycled materials will be reborn into new things. Your sandals’ new life can begin with you. It costs nothing, so join us. Set your old sandals free so they can bring their adventurous spirit to the generation that comes next.

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How it works

Send us your well-loved sandals to be recycled—and reborn.

Participating is completely free. To get started, click the GET STARTED button below or visit the Teva® website to learn more about how to recycle in this program. #TevaForever

What you can recycle

Teva sandals

Best practices for recycling

We encourage you to ship multiple pairs of Teva sandals if possible to minimize the transportation carbon footprint for this program. You don’t need to clean the sandals before sending to TerraCycle, but please remove any obvious mud. UPS will not accept dripping packages, so please make sure your items are dry.

What happens to your recyclables

Once collected, the Teva sandals are cleaned and separated by material. The rubber and plastics are recycled into raw formats that manufacturers use in new production. Teva sandals that cannot be mechanically recycled are processed through waste-to-energy and used by the processing facility directly and/or the local utility network. Click here to learn more about the recycling process.

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