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Tom's of Maine Toy Recycling Program

From now through April 30, recycle your old, broken, and used toys through this program.

Take the #LessWasteChallenge and recycle your old toys!

TerraCycle® and Tom's of Maine have partnered to create a free recycling program for used toys from now through April 30.

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This program will only be offered for a limited time. Free shipping labels will only be available from now through April 30.

How it works

Broken toys. Used toys. Forgotten toys. Kids go through them fast. So instead of bagging them up and putting them on the curb, try recycling.

This year, Tom's of Maine challenges you to reduce 1 lb of waste per week through the #LessWasteChallenge. And they want to help you meet this goal by providing a free recycling program for your old toys.

Visit the official Tom's of Maine #LessWasteChallenge by clicking the button below. From there, you will be able to request your free shipping label to send us your used toys!

Note: Your toys may be in any condition. Instead of being thrown away, your old toys will be sorted and recycled into cool, new products.

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