Tom's of Maine and hello Natural Care Recycling Program - FAQ

Recycle all personal care packaging through this program.

Participating locations
Available locations
Waste recycled
Money raised

Mouthwash bottles and caps, toothbrushes, deodorant containers and caps, soap packaging, floss containers, and toothpaste tubes and caps.

No, this national recycling program is not brand-specific, which means you can recycle natural care packaging from all brands.

No, your shipment can be any weight. However, you must ship at least 4 pounds of personal care packaging to earn the TerraCycle point donation. Remember, the shipment weight requirement is applicable only if you would like to earn TerraCycle points. We encourage you to ship when your box is full to ensure efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of transportation for this program.

Use this interactive map below to find your closest public drop-off location where you can drop off your collections.

No locations near you? Consider becoming a public drop-off point on the map! Click here to learn more.

The number of total available locations in this program is limited, and you may encounter a waitlist.  We review this waitlist on a quarterly basis and open spots are made available on a first-come, first-served basis.  In the meantime, please bring your collections to a public location to drop-off and have them sent to TerraCycle for free.