API Docs

Welcome to our API!

We are in public beta currently

We highly value and welcome your feedback, since we are developing the API to serve your needs as developers/integrators.

As this is an ongoing effort, we expect some changes and clarifications in our endpoint names, parameter names and meanings based on your feedback.

And although we constantly run several hundred testcases against the API during development and each release, please also expect some bugs. We kindly ask you to please report these to us, so that we can fix them and make the ride smoother for everyone.

Please contact us first

Before starting any development, please contact us first to enable us to provide you access to the development server that will best serve your project.

Your applications will have to get approved

Only approved Applications can access our API endpoints. Unapproved Applications will receive a `403* Unauthorized` error response even if authenticated and have a valid access token.
We will review your Application, and send you a notification email upon approval.

More functionality is available to our contracted partners

This documentation covers the public parts of our API, which provides a rich functionality to enable integrating your applications with our business to help users collect more waste.

Partners we have established a contractual agreement with can gain access to further functionality related to deeper integration between our systems.

If you are a contracted partner but still see this message, make sure you are logged in with your developer account. If you are still seeing this message after logging in, please contact us.