API Docs

Version 3.29.0 (2019-02-01)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Add pagination functionality to list APIs

Version 2.69.0 (2015-02-26)

  • TECHNICAL BUGFIX: Date truncation in city stats parameters fixed.

Version 2.68.2 (2014-12-13)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Allow specifying to ask additional info during participant signup for each OAuth App.

Version 2.63.0 (2014-06-16)

  • BUGFIX: Shipments API now handles time zones correctly.

Version 2.61.5 (2014-05-15)

  • BUGFIX: Password reset URL sent in the email requested through the API's password reset form is now using https protocol instead http. Thanks to the Clorox.com dev team (Brita┬« Brigade┬« devs) for reporting this bug.

Version 2.61.0 (2014-04-17)

  • BUGFIX: OAuth authorization error messages meant for the developers are now displayed in English.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Shipping labels now only expire after X days, not after the first download. (See Get Shipping Label).
  • IMPROVEMENT: we now include a message in the JSON error response for some 401 Forbidden API error responses:
    1. when the token is invalid
    2. when the brigade member list is accessed with a logged in user
    3. or when trying to acquire members of a brigade the application is not associated with
  • IMPROVEMENT: Saving an Application with a non-https redirect url now requires an explicit confirmation that it will not be used in a live production environment.

Version 2.57.2 (2014-01-08)

Version 2.57.1 (2014-01-08)

Version 2.57.0 (2013-12-12)

Version 2.53.1 (2013-11-14)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Implemented shipment statistics grouped by cities. See chapter Get per city stats.

Version 2.53.0 (2013-11-14)

Version 2.52.1 (2013-10-29)

  • HOTFIX: Users are now able to sign up through the API again.
  • BUGFIX: Fix responsive OAuth screens on IE8.

Version 2.51.0 (2013-10-15)

  • BUGFIX: On the TerraCycle API sign up page the terms and conditions link no longer directs users to the Developer Portal.
  • BUGFIX: When a user signs in via the API then visits a page on the TerraCycle site at a later point the "Successfully signed in" message is no longer displayed to the user.
  • BUGFIX: Reusing mailaddresses during registration gives appropriate error message - email addresses still have to be unique.
  • IMPROVEMENT: OAuth screens are now making it more clear they are related to OauthProvider.
  • IMPROVEMENT: The Terracycle sign in dialog has changed. Signing up is now easier for new users. Please revisit CSS settings for each of your Applications on the dialog preview screens to make sure your custom styles are still displaying as intended.

Version 2.49.0 (2013-10-02)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Applications can now specify whether to display the sign in or the sign up form to the user when the user is not signed in. See authentication_form parameter in chapter implement this in your application

Version 2.46.0 (2013-08-28)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Applications can now be configured to have our system require users to provide contact information during sign-up.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implemented edit user profile flow - see chapter Incomplete profile/account

Version 2.42.0 (2013-07-29)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Uploaded API client example written in JavaScript to https://github.com/TerraCycleUS/api-js-example
  • IMPROVEMENT: Members of a brigade can now be listed by contracted partners managing/owning the brigade.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Signing in/out a user from www.terracycle.com signs the user in/out on api.terracycle.com as well (and vica versa).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Send Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers to API v2 paths. Allows using the TerraCycle API v2 through Javascript running in a browser.
  • BUGFIX: Show images on authorization pages for users coming through the API.

Version 2.40.0 (2013-07-04) Public Beta Release

  • IMPROVEMENT: Accounts now provide a permanent unique identifier (named uuid) to reliably identify the account between our system and the systems of our API clients.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Various API and API documentation fixes.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Notify developers when their applications get approved.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Verified partners can now have their applications skip the user authorization dialog.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Documentation for API v2.
  • IMPROVEMENT: OAuth authorization dialog now properly handles locales.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Enable OAuth2 Refresh Tokens for a more seamless user experience when authenticating a user through the API.

Version 2.38.0 (2013-06-18)

  • IMPROVEMENT: API requests return the current locale in the Content-Language response header.
  • IMPROVEMENT: API requests now obey the Accept-Language header.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implemented User Account and User Brigades endpoints.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implemented Brigade Listing, Join Brigade and Leave Brigade endpoints.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implemented Global statistics endpoint.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implemented Locale endpoint.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Oauth dialog design.

Version 2.36.0 (2013-04-22)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Developers can now register their Apps on the Developer Portal.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Developers can customize OAuth authentication pages (sign up, sign in and forgot password pages shown to API users) using CSS.

Version 2.34.0 (2013-04-08)

  • IMPROVEMENT: OAuth2 Signup, Signin and Forgot Password.