Adopt one acre of wildlife land

2250 points

With the points you redeem for this gift, TerraCycle will send funds to National Wildlife Federation to protect wildlife land critical to the safety of bison, grizzly bears, gray wolves and other wildlife. Through National Wildlife Federation’s Adopt-a-Wildlife-Acre program, you’ll help protect the wild animals that are at risk of death when they roam beyond the protected borders of Yellowstone National Park.

Your donation to the Adopt-a-Wildlife-Acre program will help resolve this chronic conflict between ranchers and wildlife and support vital conservation and education programs. NWF compensates ranchers for retiring their grazing allotments in and around national parks, thereby allowing ranchers to relocate their livestock to new conflict-free locations. Ranchers are happy, their livestock can thrive and wildlife survives.

It will take 2,250 TerraCycle points to protect one acre of wildlife land through the Adopt-a-Wildlife Acre Program. TerraCycle will aggregate your points with those from any of the other 70,000 collection locations across the US that also redeem points for this program. 1,250 collection locations redeem points to protect wildlife lands, TerraCycle will arrange for the protection of an acre through National Wildlife Federation. Of course, if you want to protect 3,600 square feet for 200 points, just change the quantity in the shopping card and the additional square feet and redeemed points will be presented in your shopping cart.

To date, National Wildlife Federation has retired over 600,000 acres of land in the Yellowstone region, thereby giving wildlife the room they need to roam.

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