Empower local voices in Trenton journalism

2500 points

Each donation of 2,500 points will go towards supporting a Trenton, NJ resident, worker, or student to research and interview an organization or individual and write a positive news story about what’s happening in the City of Trenton. The articles will be featured in the online publication TrentonDaily as part of ongoing effort to bolster a positive perception of our city and provide hope for all who live, work, and play here.

About Greater Trenton

Greater Trenton is an independent 501c-3 nonprofit that uses private funding and a network of collaborative relationships to advance economic revitalization efforts in the state’s capital city. Greater Trenton facilitates the development and revitalization of downtown Trenton by serving as an expert resource to businesses, developers, and community partners.

Visit GreaterTrenton.org for more information.

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