Give a child a 2 hour workshop

1800 points

By redeeming 1800 points for this gift you are providing a two hour workshop for a child of the seedling trust in Budapest. 

The Budapest Artisan Foundation is an organization that is committed to supporting young Hungarian artists. They organize exhibitions, donations, and make other fundraising efforts to aid art associations, academies, and other non-profit organizations.

Goals of the Seedling Trust.

The seedling trust works directly with several institutions by Sztehló Gábor homes in Budapest taking care of "seedlings” who face serious challenges in almost all the aspects of their lives. In addition, each of the care home residents is an individual case – their physical and mental conditions vary widely requiring a devoted specially trained helper’s care. The emotional support these children are provided is of special importance since in most of cases the children live their lives without a loving family: the majority of them are orphaned or put in the custody of the city/state because their parents are simply unwilling or unable to care for them.

Some of them are:

  • autistic
  • intellectually disabled
  • physically impaired (e.g.blind, paralyzed)
  • children suffering from chronic diseases
  • children struggling with other serious problems

Budapest Artisan Alapitvany operating as Daddy Roy’s is committed to boosting creativity and keeping discarded materials out of the eco-system. At our studio we collect everything from fabric to furniture. Most items were going to the trash until they reached Daddy Roy’s where you can come recycle & up-cycle such items. 

View the Budapest Artisan Foundation website here. 

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