Meet: The ReZound Machine

Recycling never sounded so good!



Few things are more satisfying than the sound of a can, bottle, or container making it into a recycling bin...until now. Meet ReZound!

ReZound turns almost any recycling bin into an interactive, rewarding experience. When installed, it will play music, a sound effect, or encouraging words every time a recyclable is placed in the bin to give customers and staff positive feedback for recycling! 

The ReZound is customizable, making it applicable to a variety of locations, from parks to offices to stadiums. Increase recycling rates, inspire foot traffic, and add value to your venue by making recycling a rewarding activity.

How It Works

1. Set up your recycling bins with ReZound.

2. A recyclable, like a bottle or can, placed in the recycling bin triggers the ReZound device’s sensors.

3. The ReZound delights and surprises users by responding with an audio file from the microSD card, with phrases and sounds like:

  • Recycling is music to our ears! 
  • You're a recycling rockstar! 
  • Recycling?! SOUNDS great to us!
  • Anyone CAN recycle! Tell your friends!
  • You're WINNING at recycling!
  • Recycling is a slam dunk!
  • Recycling is a hole-in-one!

Quick Facts and Benefits

  • Key Benefit: Increases recycling rates through fun and encouraging sounds
  • Capable of using up to four (4) different sensors (with sensor upgrade)
  • Quiet enough to be used in an office or loud enough to be used in parks and zoos
  • Battery-powered module capable of lasting 5 days
  • Rechargeable by AC charger or solar panel (with solar panel upgrade) 
  • Customizable audio files through microSD
  • Self-contained and simple to install for temporary or permanent installation
  • Able to be installed in almost any style of recycling bin
  • Small, 5” x 5” x 3.5” design
  • Weather and tamper-resistant design
  • Low maintenance and requiring little supervision

Standard Pack

The basic ReZound kit can get anyone started turning recycling into a game and contains all of the components and mounting equipment needed for most bins with two (2) or fewer entryways, including:

  • ReZound Machine equipped with pre-recorded sound packs
  • AC Charger 
  • Two Sensors
  • MicroSD Card and reader
  • Mounting adhesives

Upgrades Available

Solar Panel Kit

A flexible solar panel that can be attached to your recycling bin and ReZound to increase battery life, reduce maintenance visits, and make your recycling game even greener! Each Solar Panel Kit comes with:

  • Two flexible solar panels with combined 30W output 
  • Mounting adhesives

Additional Sensor Kit

Two additional sensors for the ReZound to be used with recycling bins with three to four entryways. Each additional Sensor Kit comes with:

  • Two additional sensors
  • Mounting adhesives