Thank you for participating in TerraCycle’s points program! If you would like to redeem your TerraCycle points as a donation to a charity or a school that we are not already partnered with, you can submit the details for your organization of choice through our website. Before adding a new charity, please search our existing charities to see if your organization is already listed. 

If the organization you are submitting is a school, please provide an accurate contact person for the school. If you are submitting a charity, you must provide the Federal Tax ID Number (or EIN). You can find this on the charity’s website, or by searching the organization’s name on the IRS website.

The TerraCycle team must review every new charity submission to ensure that we have the information we need to process donations. While your charity is being reviewed, it will show up under the Charities list on your profile as ‘Unapproved’. Until your charity is approved, you will not be able to redeem points for it.

To approve new charities, the TerraCycle team will review the information you have provided. If we need more information, we will ask you to contact the organization to confirm its details. If we are unable to approve your charity, we will notify you. Once your charity is approved, you will be able to redeem your points for it as a cash donation.