Commercial Services & Route Logistics

We can work with your existing business services to offer recycling opportunities for employees and customers.

TerraCycle's Commercial Services unit partners with mobile, service-based companies such as secure document shredding, janitorial services, and facilities management companies. We strive to find synergistic opportunities that allow TerraCycle to enhance these service platforms by collecting and recycling waste generated at client sites. TerraCycle can work with sales teams to add value to end clients through our unique recycling services.

Explore a variety of options.

Our Commercial Services program can also provide an easy, on-site recycling opportunity for a wide range of businesses such as banks, retail locations, and property management companies. In addition to single-stream recycling, TerraCycle provides recycling options for a unique variety of other traditionally non-recyclable waste streams. Some examples include gift cards, poly film, cigarette waste, writing instruments, binders, and other site-specific waste streams to help take facilities to zero waste. Detailed recycling metrics for program partners are also provided to show recycling progress.

Please reach out to our Commercial Services & Route Logistics Specialist for more information.

Commercial Services Specialist: