1.2 Gallon Sharps System

Use this 1.2 gallon container to recycle sharps.

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1.2 gallon systems are cost-effective solutions for the proper disposal of red bag and sharps waste. They replace costly pickup services and are a perfect solution for multiple treatment rooms. 

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How it works

When ready, simply place containers in the prepaid return shipping box and leave it with your regular USPS or UPS pickup. It's that easy!

Program Features

  • Prepaid return shipping box for convenient return
  • Leak-proof and puncture-resistant sharps containers
  • Compliance tracking and notifications
  • Certificate of destruction automatically sent via email and available for download
  • Made in the USA

What happens to your recyclables?

Sharps containers are received by the processing facility. All items in container are run through industrial autoclaves for sterilization.  Any blood residue, trace medications, etc. are destroyed in the autoclave. Syringes are then shredded mechanically.  Metals, plastics and glass are separated for recycling.

Accepted waste

Red bag and sharps waste

Please do NOT...

include anything other than red bag and sharps waste

Best practices for recycling

Please follow all state and federal regulations, as indicated in the materials included with your container.

Help make this nationally recyclable

We work with a variety of brand partners to make our recycling solutions available, for free, to people around the world. If you represent an eco-curious company, please visit the "Work with us" section to get in contact with our Business Development Team!

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