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News articles

School gets in on ‘upcycling’


Yuma Sun · Oct 10, 2011

A closer look at how green schools boost school districts and inspire kids

Bethel Middle School in the Bryant (AK) School District outside of Little Rock takes soaring celings to the max, and keeps the building cool and airy. (Jackson Brown King Architects) The Bryant School District west of Little Rock, Arkansas, planted … Continue Reading · Oct 8, 2011

Terracycle: Combining Recycling and Technology for Kids

When TerraCycle first launched its products in major stores across the nation, the upcycled backpacks, lunchboxes and pencil cases were welcomed by parents and students alike as the perfect “Go green!” options for school year necessities. The fact that these … Continue Reading

Associated Content · Oct 7, 2011

Old Navy & TerraCycle Want To Turn Your Old Flip-Flops Into Playgrounds

Help save the earth a little at a time. Here’s a really easy and fun way to do just that. Old Navy stores are taking your old flip-flops and giving them to TerraCycle, who in turn recycles them into Playground … Continue Reading · Oct 7, 2011

Get an on-the-go clean with Colgate Wisp

Not only are Wisps incredibly convenient to carry around, they’re also pleasant to use. The brush is gentle, but helps to make your teeth feel cleaner. The pick won’t hurt when you use it, but it will get bits of … Continue Reading

National Beauty Examiner · Oct 7, 2011

First Person: 5 Easy Ways for My Kids to Make Money

We go through A LOT of juice pouch drinks during the summer and during sports seasons. I have a box sitting on the counter that the empty juice pouches go into; when we have filled the box, we will send … Continue Reading

Yahoo Finance · Oct 7, 2011

Olmsted Dates and Data

VOTES NEEDED — The Olmsted Falls Middle School is a finalist in a nationwide contest in designing a TerraCycle waste collection station. Teacher Mike Schafer’s  Green Team designed one resembling the Cleveland Rock ‘n Roll Museum and Hall of Fame … Continue Reading – Sun Post-Herald Online · Oct 7, 2011

Turning trash into cash

TerraCycle turns non-recyclable plastic waste into recyclable products. Natalie Allen reports.

CNN International · Oct 6, 2011

TerraCycle on CBS Salt Lake City

KUTV (CBS affiliate, Salt Lake City) · Oct 6, 2011


It seems like all we hear about these days is the “go green” movement. We are all told to drive hybrid cars, recycle and use paper — not plastic. In addition to this movement, the Virginia Tech Equestrian Team has … Continue Reading

Virginia Tech Her Campus website · Oct 5, 2011