GLAD® to Recycle Challenge

GLAD® have partnered with TerraCycle and Eco Educate to give some lucky schools the chance to win a sustainable garden for your school! Recycle or vote to earn points.

GLAD® have partnered with TerraCycle and Eco Educate to give some lucky schools the chance to win a sustainable garden!

Over terms 3 & 4, Australian pre-, primary, intermediate, special and secondary schools are invited to recycle food care waste and vote for their school to earn points in the GLAD® to Recycle Challenge. The more units of food care waste recycled and the more votes, the more chances of winning! 

1 unit of food care waste = 1 point*

1 online vote = 1 point


Register your school to compete here!

*Recycling points will be divided by the number of students enrolled at the competing school. This is to ensure that all schools have a chance to win, no matter their size.

Your school can compete in terms 3, 4 or both with prizes awarded to the schools who have earned the most points at the end of each term:

Term 3

Competition period: 12 July 2021 - 24 September 2021

Term 4

Competition period: 4 October 2021 - 17 December 2021

Please note: we have extended the window for eligible shipments to 31 December to allow for Australia Post delays. Please send in your shipment ASAP to ensure it arrives on time and earns you points. 


See full terms & conditions on how to enter & win prizes here.

How it works

To sign your school up, you'll need to register with Eco Educate here.

By participating in this challenge you'll also get full access to Eco Educate's educational resources for a deep-dive into hard to recycle waste and the importance of recycling.

Once you've registered, expect to hear from us with some more information and resources - but in the meantime, you can get started by familiarising yourselves with the accepted waste below and setting up a collection box of your choice (a leftover cardboard box, plastic tub etc) 

... or if you're one of the first 50 schools to enter you'll receive a GLAD® collection box to get collecting in style! 

What can you recycle through this program?


For each term there will be one grand prize winner and one runner-up winner:

Grand Prize

One garden bed made from recycled plastic, one Subpod compost system essentials bundle and a $200 Bunnings Warehouse voucher

Runner-up Prize
One garden bed made from recycled plastic and a $200 Bunnings Warehouse voucher


Get collecting, get decorating and register your school!