Tools and Resources

We've created a variety of resources to help you promote the great work you're doing!

Whether you've signed up as an individual collector or as a Community Collection Hub, you're helping fight the war on waste! It can be hard to know where to start, so we have put together the following tools and resources to help you begin eliminating waste in your community.

Community Collection Hub Resources and Guides

Use this information to learn more about TerraCycle and how to be an awesome Community Collection Hub! 

Social Media Icons

We've created a range of social media images to help you promote your Hub to the world! Make sure you mention the programs and items you're collecting in the copy of the post so everyone knows what they can drop-off to your location.

Community Outreach Materials

Use these materials to reach out to your community and increase awareness of the recycling collections at your Hub. The more people that help you collect, the more waste you can divert from landfill.