Community Collection Hubs

​Interested in stepping up to become a real waste warrior and encouraging your community to recycle more? Join our network of Community Collection Hubs and make a real difference.

What is a Community Collection Hub?

A Community Collection Hub is a community recycling station and drop-off point for TerraCycle’s free recycling programs. These programs are funded by brands and are therefore completely free for any local business, community organisation or educational institution to implement. Collection and community involvement is key to strengthening recycling efforts and this is why our Community Collection Hub network is so important. By bringing your community together to keep more waste out of landfills, we can continue to promote the importance of sustainable living and empower greater change on a local scale. The more waste your community collects, the more TerraCycle points earned, and these points can be donated to a local school or charity of your choice.

How to become a Community Collection Hub

Becoming a Community Collection Hub and an advocate of engaging your community in rethinking the idea of waste is simple.

  1. Sign up to create a TerraCycle account via the website.
  2. Join a free recycling program as a Community Collection Hub - you can find a full list of available programs below.
  3. Upcycle your own collection station.
  4. Spread the word to start collecting waste with your community.
  5. Download the free shipping label and drop-off your waste to Australia post.

Have you updated your drop-off hours? If not, follow the link here before joining a program below.

For more information, assistance with sign up or collection station inspiration, please contact

What programs can I participate in as a Community Collection Hub?

The following is a list of programs that you can sign up for as a Community Collection Hub. Once you sign up to create a TerraCycle account, join a free recycling program as a Community Collection Hub by clicking the program name for a link to their program pages.

Why become a Community Collection Hub?

When becoming a Community Collection Hub, you create an accessible recycling station that brings your community together to strengthen their collections. You will be able to:

  • earn TerraCycle points;
  • divert waste from landfills;
  • become a collection hub for your community; and
  • access to Community Collection Hub rewards.

Resources & tools for Community Collection Hub managers

Here you’ll find social media posts, posters, stickers, and a media request form to help you promote what a great job you’re doing!