L’Oréal Committed Beauty Recycling Program

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Drop off all brands of beauty empties at your favorite places to shop

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Cosmetic packaging is first sent to sorting facilities. There, TerraCycle separates them according to material types. Materials are then recycled into raw format and can have a second life, thanks to you! 

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The “L’Oréal for the Future” program embodies the two complementary dimensions of what corporate responsibility means to us: transforming our company towards an increasingly sustainable business model, and contributing to solving the challenges facing the world.

It is no longer enough for companies to reduce their environmental impact with objectives that are “self-set”. At L’Oréal, our commitment is to ensure that our activities are respectful of the so-called “Planetary Boundaries”, meaning what the planet can withstand, as defined by environmental science. In order to reconcile our needs with the preservation of a resource-limited planet, we are raising the bar and implementing a new internal transformation program.