Holiday Bonus Bucks

Holiday Bonus Bucks is back! Until January 19, you’ll earn bonus points on every shipment received through qualifying programs. Check out the list below to review participating programs.

How it works

Until January 19, you’ll earn 100 bonus points for every shipment received through the programs listed below, no matter the size. All we ask is that you help reduce our eco-footprint by completely filling your shipments with qualifying waste. Please note that only the programs listed below are eligible for this promotion.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this promotional period’s end date is final. For your collections to qualify for Holiday Bonus Bucks, all shipments must be received and processed into our database before January 19. Please allow for 14 days from the date they are received to process through our system.


Each shipment from a qualifying program received during the promotional period will earn you 100 bonus TerraCycle points. Please see above or refer to the official rules to learn the qualifying programs.

All eligible participants are subject to the Holiday Bonus Bucks Rules.

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